About the company


CocoGiovanna is a Polish brand addressed to every woman who wants to emphasize its elegance, confidence, independence, while retaining the style, comfort and convenience.

The store offers a wide selection of high quality women's clothing for every occasion, in accordance with current fashion trends, both from the production line of its own brand as well as a carefully selected collection of other manufacturers. We take care of the highest standard of service, personalized contact and still are changing for our customers.

Our goal is to follow the latest global trends in fashion and clothing to provide customers with a unique character and an interesting style, while at affordable prices. Products available in the store CocoGiovanna provide comfort and elegance, both on a daily basis, at work and evening studies.

We know how important is the credibility of the brand, especially because we take care to make you happy with the purchases made with us. Thank you for your trust in us.

Team Cocogiovanna.pl


Our shop is running at: www.cocogiovanna.pl


The shop is owned by:

Joanna CocoGiovanna Brus

Borek, ul. Cheerful 26

62-872 Godziesze Small

Isbn: 300454074


registered under no. NIP: PL6181844198 in the Central Register and from this information on Economic Activity (CEIDG), led by the Minister responsible for the economy.

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